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A customer can have many accounts. There are 3 types of account: savings account, checking account and certificates of deposit account. The purpose of savings account is to allow us to save money. Account holder can make some limited number of deposits and withdrawals per month, while account provides no checks.


This UML State Machine describe the lifecycle of a Seminar.


A really simple example of sequence diagram, with just two method calls


A simple Singleton design pattern represented as a Class in a UML Class diagram.


Classes, operations, attributes : learn the basics of the UML class diagram. Useful example to get started quickly with UML class diagrams


A use case diagram about roles of participant in a Box Office.

Library Management System

Use case describing some cases that can happen in a Library Management System.


This UML example model use both a Class Diagram and a Sequence Diagram to describe the hierarchy and the ordering process in a restaurant.

UML Public Examples by the GenMyModel Community