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BPMN model

c) The following case describes the operations of a food delivery service: Customers select from a website showing individual restaurants and order, from a particular restaurant, individual dishes. For new customers, a registration is required for recording address, login information, e-mail address and a mobile phone number. The e-mail address and mobile phone number both need to be confirmed, by sending an e-mail and SMS code to the customer who needs to enter both codes correctly. Both codes are sent simultaneously and need to be entered on a web page before continuing with the order. Customers possessing a login proceed to the payment. After the payment is confirmed, the order is submitted. The delivery service forwards the order to the restaurant. There, it is received, and the dishes are prepared. When everything is ready, the food delivery is scheduled and carried out by the food delivery service. i) Model the scenario as a collaboration with suitable task types and representations of major events that determine the progression of the process. ii) During the delivery, the delivery vehicle might run out of gas or electrical power. Introduce an event subprocess to handle this scenario.

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