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c) Consider the case of an app for cataloging media such as books and movies (c.f. Exercise 7). i) ii) • • • • • Model a package and class diagram realizing the requirements defined in the previous exercise. Use a modeling tool such as GenMyModel in order to generate source code from classes. Generatesourcecodeinaprogramminglanguageofyourchoice.Implementtheoperationsfor adding media items to the list and for removing them. An user interface is not required in this task. Re-statement of the requirements: “Users sign on to the media library app and optionally have to register first with their email address.” “The main UI shows a list of individual media (media list) of the signed-in user.” “When showing the media list, new media can be added and existing media can be edited or removed.” “For a new medium, or when editing an existing medium, information on the medium is set by the user. The medium type is set as either book or movie. For each medium, an ID and a title are set with additional information for specific media types.” “The IDs of books and movies are used to automatically fill in missing information such as title and description. Web services from and are used to retrieve information on books and movies respectively.”

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